Filadelfia Evangélikus Egyházközség

Filadelfia Evangélikus Egyházközség is the the Lutheran church of Hungary. The parish in Nyírtelek was founded in 1992 and it counts nowadays with about 100 organization members. There are several church groups working with different social areas such as: Women group, Bible study group, Youth group, Church service group, Roma Choir, Children group. The organization has a diaconal centre where workers organize events and interventions with different groups of the local community such as elders, addicts, people with disabilities and the local Roma community.


In 2006 a Roma mission was started by the Congregation members at Görögszállás which is located in the periphery of Nyírtelek. Multiple congregational occasions have been organized since then via this mission to help the local Roma comunity facing difficult financial situations and cope with difficult living conditions as these facts many times hinder their integration into society and have a negative effect on their spiritual development. Helping them with social help and support them with the fitting Social and Medical Services is one of the main social tasks of Filadelfia Evangélikus Egyházközség.


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Nyírtelek, Hungary

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Roma community

Local Activities

When it comes to Nyírtelek, the participants will be youths providing from the local Roma community at Görögszállás. The congregation has started some time ago a local project that would involve the Roma youths with the local community trough organic farming. The main idea was for the youths to learn a new competence (farming the land) and being able through it to create their own job. Many youths are being supported by the congregation for the projects and succeeding to get themselves and their family food as well as some income from selling the products in the neighbour cities. Filadelfia Evangélikus Egyházközség owns a big farming area with a greenhouse which is being cultivated continuously by the local Roma community. Some older members of the congregation and the community serve as mentors for these youths and give them the necessary instructions and teachings. There are even many success cases where the youths have started to cultivate their own fields at home and selling the products, after attending these workshops.

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