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Volda Kyrkjelege Fellesråd - Norway


"Green Fingers it´s a very cool idea and I have never heard about a project like this. It is very different for me to think about using organic products and cook healthy meals with them. It changed my perspective on what I eat."

                                                                            Andra, 29 years, Romania

"I really have fun when I join Green Fingers activities. Not only can I learn about organic farming, enjoy the outdoors and eat great food but also improve my Norwegian language skills and make new friends."


                                                                       Abdullah, 26 years, Syria

"I love it! It is a big innovation, fresh and new."


                                                                       Jostein, 56 years, Norway

"It´s really nice to get to know about all the different cultures and backgrounds of the people that join Green Fingers. I never thought I would get to know so many foreigners living in Volda in such a cool way."

                                                                           Grunde, 22 years, Norway

Jump - Gioventù in riSalto - Italy

"Green Fingers allowed me to learn more about european opportunities and projects."

                                       Mohammed Bello Youssufou, 27 years, Nigeria




"Beacause of this project I´m able of making new friends and getting in contact with new cultures while learning a lot about organic farming. I really like it."


                                                 Mariantonietta Conte, 20 years, Italy

  "It's fascinating to discover Calabrian nature and rural landscapes. It's so nice to be part of this great project".

                        Lisagonday Mohamed, 27 years, Gambia

"I enjoy living the autumn season in Calabrian land and Green Fingers made it even nicer. I got to learn about regional fruits and vegetables that I din't know before."

                                            Dia Diallo Mamdou, 19 years, Senegal

Filadelfia Evangélikus Egyházközség - Hungary

"My opinion is changed. I try to compose everything, I do not use chemicals and it is important for me what kind of vegetables and fruits my family eat." 


                                                  István, 37 years, Hungary

"Since I participated in this project i try to manage the bio-waste I daily produce in a more environmentally friendly way, reuse it in my garden. I learned a lot about what plants should be planted next to each other. I try to switch to the consumption of organic vegetables."

                                                                  Regi, 23 years, Hungary

Tineri in Europa - Romania

"My participation in the project made me realise about the importance of organic farming and ecological aspects of my community"


                                                                                Laura, 16 years, Romania

"I am a shy person and during the activities I had the opportunity to socialise a little bit more. I felt inluded in a group in which, otherwise, I wouldn’ t have had acces".


                                                                                  Ana, 16 years, Romania

"My experience in this project is related to my first visit abroad, working in an international environment. It was amazing!"


                                         Silvia Groza, 32 years, Romania

" Being part of this project taught me about the significance of small steps which can lead to great and unforgettable journeys and how we can change the world around us in a positive way. By taking care of nature and environment, we take care of ourselves"


                                                                                Lucia, 35 years, Romania

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