Volda Kyrkjelege Fellesråd 

Volda kyrkjelege fellesråd is the joint parish council for the four parishes belonging to the Church of Norway in Volda municipal. The four parishes are Austefjord, Dalsfjord, Kilsfjord and Volda. The joint parish council is responsible for facilitating the cooperation between the parishes, manage the economy and properties and take formal care of the employees in a way that serves the parishes. In the four parishes the church offers worship at the Sunday services and church services as marriages and funerals. Education and activities for children and youths are important parts of the parishes’ activities.

Since 2013 the Erasmus+ EVS volunteers have been important helpers in the church program for children and youths. Erasmus+ Youth Exchange is used as a part of the leader training of the youths. Diaconal and social work are also natural parts of the church services. It is essential for a congregation to identify the needs in the local community and at a national or international level and try to offer relief and help and sometimes this leads to the creation of new programs and services. The Green Fingers Project is a new program in the diaconal service of Volda congregation that will offer relief and help, both local and internationally. 


Coordinting organization


Volda, Norway

Minority group involved


Local Activities

In Norway, the aim is to help refugees who have a sometimes problematic integration situation. With the collaboration of the local partners Volda Læringseter and RE:ACT Volda, Volda kyrkjelege fellesråd is going to implement a friendly environment for youths from different backgrounds to interact in several activities. The participant refugee youths will work alongside with the youths from the YMCA, YWCA and Tensing Group to create their organic sample garden in Volda, near Uppheim building. By working together with the local youths, the refugees will be able to develop their Norwegian language, to learn about Norwegian culture by interacting directly with it promoting therefore their social integration. Other than the farming activities, the aim is to have a cafe at Uppheim where the youths can have a meal together and exchange concepts about their own gastronomy and cultural habits.

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