Tineri in Europa

Asociatia Tineri in Europa ("Youngsters in Europe") is an association which works on community development through small steps, paying a great attention to the environment. The association also develops local trainings and events in order to promote awareness on Human Rights, No hate Speech and anti-discrimination behaviour. It has a long term experience organizing projects with the local youths with great integration success. Also, this organization has already proved experience handling different KA2 projects in different themes and a long cooperation with several partners, organization of several training workshops on different matters being some of them related to the area of organic farming, permaculture and social entrepreneurship. They know the local society, their needs and the youths involved in it.


"Youngsters in Europe" Association was founded in June 2012 as a result of the community-based voluntary work within an EVS project. Thus, the community's need for activities and events organized by young people with young people was discovered. The organization began with small but secure steps, with local trainings on Human Rights, Discrimination, and Minority groups integration. Volunteer members of the organization were and are involved in a process of continuous training and development, taking part in several international projects.


Partner organization


Călărași, Romania

Minority group involved

Roma community

Local Activities

Regarding Romania, the target group will also be the local Roma community in Calarasi. Asociatia Tineri in Europa is based in a rural location in the small village of Călărași in Romania. The main focus of the organization is to help the local Roma Community on their integration into romanian society and the development of economical support means for the local youths. The organization aims to provide better living conditions for these youths by providing them with some knowledge that they can convert in job and business opportunities. By developing a more stable life-style, these youths will become better integrated in their local society.

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